The 3rd reveal starts and you can Atlas, Merritt, and you may Henley show up on new roof

It jump off new roof and you will bath their fans with currency once again. However, the bucks turns out are fake. The actual money from this new safer had every become caught into the the” alt=”sitios web de papi de azúcar”> vehicle out of Thaddeus Bradley, a great debunker whom exposes the brand new methods from magicians. Bradley is arrested and you will Dylan check outs him inside the cellphone. Dylan upcoming reveals himself due to the fact fifth Horsemen. He had been helping the Horsemen employing methods in which he got delivered him or her with her and you will developed their serves.

Atlas, Merritt, and Henley to meet Jack ,who’d faked his dying, in the Main Playground. All of them place the tarot notes together plus it works out as a key towards Vision, a secret organization. Dylan fits up with her or him and then he embraces all regarding these to the attention.

So now you Look for Myself 2

Atlas visits the interest, proclaiming that he’s tiredN away from waiting for directions out of Dylan. They have been concealing for more than annually in which he wants to behave. Later, Atlas productivity domestic and you may finds out good magician named Lula Can get there. She suggests that she understands all about the new Five Horsemen and you can next pretends to have this lady lead cut off. Afterwards, Dylan demonstrates she actually is the brand new person in the brand new Five Horsemen, replacing Henley. Dylan gives them an assignment to go back to the level and you may expose corrupt business person Owen Case, whoever the new app covertly takes studies with the their users getting Case’s work with.

New tell you try averted when the lighting shut down and you will good deal with indicates that Jack continues to be alive and that Dylan was this new 5th Horsemen. Atlas, Merritt, Jack, and Lula all of the look at the rooftop and slide off a beneficial tubing that was designed to make them a getaway bus. Their people provide new Four Horsemen so you’re able to a building in which they see Walter Mabry awaiting them. He explains the way they was basically provided for Asia and you can states one they must steal a computing product this is the secret to each and every computer on the planet. It absolutely was known as “stick”. Jack, Merritt, and Lula refuse, however, Atlas believes once the in the usa, they were crooks, in China, they might wade unrecognized.

The Four Horsemen properly deal the new adhere, concealing they on the back away from a gaming card. Meanwhile, Dylan springs Thaddeus from prison and Thaddeus informs your the Horsemen have Macau. Each goes truth be told there and you can Atlas says to Dylan which he isn’t the commander of one’s Horsemen more incase the guy desired to help her or him, he’d get-off. Walter faces Atlas and you can informs him supply your the new stick. Atlas refuses and Dylan grabs your. The guy takes the newest adhere regarding Atlas and you may shoves him from the home. However, Atlas later on has reached for the his pouch and you can sees that he still provides the adhere.

Walter’s boys just take Dylan and so they place him throughout the safer in which their father passed away. It get rid of the latest safe in the water, in hopes one Dylan create drown and you will perish exactly the same way their father did. Yet not, Dylan might be able to select secure and escape this new safe just as they fulfills up with drinking water. Atlas leaps during the and you will will bring your into epidermis, saving their existence. Dylan shows you he got the adhere from Atlas while he tossed Atlas outside, he slipped it back in their pocket. He, the fresh Four Horsemen, Li, and you may Bu Bu synergy to take Walter off.

But not, it land in Pursue McKinney, are looking forward to them

They all put up tips doing London area. Atlas does an information in which he ends up brand new rain out of raining, freezing it for the middle-heavens. He helps it be rise and you can back into normal. The guy after demonstrates that the key is actually done with precipitation servers and strobe lighting and you will tells the viewers to consider how the guy performed the secret towards finally. The guy, Lula, Dylan, Jack, and you will Merritt is afterwards caught and set with the Walter’s airplane. It jeopardize to kill Lula, and you may Atlas up coming brings your the stick. All four ones was thrown out of one’s airplanes and you can was allegedly murdered. Then again, it see the Horsemen aside their flat screen.