Adopting the unbelievable feat, while adhering to Minister Uptala, Lin Feng learned about the challenge of one’s Celestial Nation

Lin Feng was actually rather unbelievable during Hell and while from a battle to own a small Globe, he and you will Jian Mang been able to win the fight of the Mid-Top Emperors. Knowing that he previously to increase their strength within the a short time period, the guy adamantly expected to visit so when even though Minister Uptala are reluctant, he acquiesced and greet Lin Feng to go. Inside the Celestial Nation, Lin Feng due to life and death matches were able to up-date his comprehension of Implementation Means, Life vitality and you may Death vitality also. He had been quickly recruited to become listed on the fresh Jalacandra Fairyland sufficient reason for particular service, went out to explore new Celestial Country. If you find yourself investigating, the guy ended up fulfilling Aoxu, whom shortly after summoning the dragon away from Lin Feng’s body, Aomo, took them to the new Milky-Way Battleground. Around they discovered new Pathfinder Height , and you will Lin Feng ran to the from inside the a quote to ensure their path. Immediately following properly passageway through the Pathfinder Level, this new Celestial Nation is actually besieged by the forces of your own Nine Clouds Continent, in addition to that from Champ University provided because of the Ji Chang. Lin Feng organized the new opposition of course, if the fresh new critical hyperlink gate to exit the new Celestial Nation unwrapped again, the guy easily leftover to construct reinforcements.

Returning off Heck

Shortly after leaving the fresh new Celestial Country, Lin Feng is actually found by the Shichuan , vice minister on the Uptala area. While traveling that have Shichuan, Lin Feng was created alert to the difficulty one Jian Mang got fallen on the, and this sooner resulted in the new capture off Qing Qing. Lin Feng subsequently orchestrated an agenda who would support this new avoid out-of himself and you will Qing Qing, however, eventually are compelled to get back. Fundamentally, one another Qing Qing and Minister Uptala gave up its lifestyle so you’re able to make sure the future of Lin Feng, that have Minister Uptala flipping himself into a path of the Method Uptala Lotus. Together with his latest energies, the guy managed to make it Lin Feng so you’re able to cover, just for Lin Feng is met by the Juzi of your own Devil Clan . Lin Feng returned to new Demon Clan and kidnapped Yama Hua, new spouse out of Juzi in order to promote himself specific liberty in the Demon Clan, in advance of taking its Devil Pool and to make their long ago to help you brand new entrance of Celestial Nation. As he inserted brand new Celestial Nation, he released Yama Hua, keeping his pledge. Once throughout the Devil House, he create Jian Mang off his internal industry additionally the a couple of these slaughtered its ways across the Milky Method Battleground. Sooner it found Aoxu. Nowadays, Lin Feng’s duplicate try murdered as the race out of Tiantai in the place of the fresh Moonlight Class took place. Immediately following healing their spirit wounds, the three of these fundamentally made it into hop out out of the latest Black Evening Region, where it put Aoxu’s Dragon Clan history so you’re able to hop out.

Tiantai versus Ji Chang’s Bar

While the Lin Feng, Aoxu and you can Jian Mang struggled regarding the Celestial Nation, the fresh new moved in the hop out of the Celestial Nation into Holy Urban area, whilst travelling, they occurred abreast of Jun Mo Xi. Jun Mo Xi informed her or him you to Ji Chang ended up being pion of one’s Holy Urban area and carry out for this reason getting having an effective celebratory feast. Lin Feng donned a nose and mouth mask and each of them went along to this new feast. When you are around, it humiliated new Ji Clan, that have Jian Mang blinding Ji Wuyou in the act and then they remaining. Abreast of back again to brand new college or university, Lin Feng mentioned that they’d solve their circumstances on greatest ceremony in university. At the time of your top ceremony, Lin Feng provided Tiantai, as well as Jian Mang and you may Aoxu to help you eliminate the people of one’s Brick Classification and you may cripple the fresh members of Ji Chang’s pub. Lin Feng carry out eventually race Ji Chang to an effective standstill and therefore end up being deemed because a valuable asset off Champ University. Ji Chang advised Lin Feng that he perform continue to this new battle during the Pathfinder Day of this new Purple Positions List and you may the two organizations upcoming spreading.